Patient Comments

Patient Comments

Patient Comments


Red Suite

Great doctors and nurses!
Everyone is so friendly, they make you feel special


Very friendly and professional!
Raytonya, Robin, Melissa and Cindy are the best nurses in town!  We love them in Peds!!

Dr. Taylor is our favorite doctor; my baby lover her.  She goes out of her way to take care of us!


Essie was extremely nice and comforting.  Today was my first visit and I will be back!

The receptionists were so nice, even though they were very busy.

I love Dr. Avery!  He and his staff are wonderful!

Internal Medicine

Dr. Daly and her staff are very caring and friendly.  They put me at ease with my medical care.

Wonderful care!  Mary Ann, Allison, Trina and Jane are the best!

Betty Shirley Clinic

Stephanie and Jessica are excellent receptionists!

Everyone is very courteous, always positive, and helpful!

I give everyone 5 stars!

Business Office

Very helpful thanks!

Melissa was extremely helpful, very approachable and friendly.  She made a chore turn into a good experience-great job!

Medical Records

Everyone is so nice and friendly and they try to do all they can to help you.

Ms. Charlotte Bradley was very helpful with the information I needed.

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