Health Notes

December 9, 2021

Health Matters is an award-winning weekly television series broadcast on WVUA-23 that features University Medical Center physicians and providers who raise awareness of important health issues and bring relevant and timely health information to the public. Health Matters airs on WVUA-23 on Wednesdays at 5 pm and Sundays at 10 pm. Segments are also posted to the WVUA-23 and UMC websites.

November-December Health Matters

Rural hospitals provide essential health care to rural communities. When they close, residents have to travel farther for health care. Dr. Catherine Lavender is a family medicine physician and obstetrician at University Medical Center who also cares for patients at the center’s new clinic in Carrollton, Alabama. Let’s listen as she explains why this access to care is so important. Watch the Health Matters on University Medical Center In Carrollton

It’s estimated that more than six million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease. Memory loss is one of the first signs of the condition, but Alzheimer’s eventually impacts cognitive skills and the ability to carry out even simple tasks. Dr. John Burkhardt, a clinical psychologist at University Medical Center, explains more about Alzheimer’s disease. Watch the Health Matters on Alzheimer’s Disease