Capstone Hospitalist Group:

A New Level of Hospital Care

Capstone Hospitalist Group was established by University Medical Center in partnership with DCH Health System in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Physicians and nurse practitioners with Capstone Hospitalist Group care for hospitalized patients at two hospitals in the DCH Health System – DCH Regional Medical Center in Tuscaloosa and Northport Medical Center in Northport, Alabama. Services include in-patient care after Emergency Room visits or doctor referrals, continuity of care with patients’ primary-care physicians, and patient consultation.

Hospitalist services are common in hospitals across the United States and hospital medicine is now one of the country’s leading medical specialties.

University Medical Center is the largest multi-specialty medical practice in West Alabama and is operated by The University of Alabama College of Community Health Sciences. Physicians affiliated with University Medical Center have been working as hospitalists at DCH Regional Medical Center since 2003.

Employment Opportunities

For more information or to reach your doctor after discharge call: 205-343-8255

Capstone Hospitalist Group patients can learn about their rights and protections against surprise medical billing here.

Hospitalist group selects full-time medical director.

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